The business alumni, as it's name would entail, is a group of alumni connected for business purposes. This does not limit the business alumni to strictly 'business people', but is rather a platform for all alumni to connect and spread opportunity in a trusting and supportive environment.

There are a number of annual events organised for the business alumni, with the pinnacle being the Annual Networking Lunch, usually being held in February/March. These events allow attendees the opportunity to network and fill their stomachs while they're at it! 


With a host of prominent law professionals in Ireland and Worldwide being red and black at heart, it only makes perfect sense to allow these people to not just connect with each other, but to connect with law professionals in all areas of the industry. We want to inspire connectivity amongst different generations and mutual benefit as a result.

We will be confirming a series of events for the 2016/2017 year shortly.


The High School has always been a prominent feeder school for third level medicine courses in Ireland. Thus, we have a huge number of medical professionals in our direct network of alumni. 


Being a coeducation school, The High School hosts a range of national and international sporting legends in it's alumni. The Annual Sports Lunch in April/May provides a great opportunity to hear from this amazing network with the 2016 speaker being John Robbie. Visit our 'Events' page for more.


We would be lying if we said that this isn't the most popular branch of the alumni network, but mainly because of the HSD PPU Annual Dinner - an opportunity to catch up with long lost friends and generally high levels of merriment. Visit our 'Events' page for more.